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E3: Homefront 2 Gameplay Footage

By zethalee12-06-2014

Footage of the E3 build of Homefront 2 has surfaced, and with it brings remote-controlled IEDs in the form of RC cars, ambient events and a changing world, and an overall guerrilla feel to the game. As the game takes place in a PKA-controlled Philadelphia, in place of having you becoming this health-regenerating super-soldier that you turned out to be in the first Homefront game, you're an everyday, average guy (a games journalist, to be exact), who finds themselves caught up in the revolution, and decides to help out. There's also a bit American-styled terrorism to be had, too, with you eliminating a guard supervising the cleanup of graffiti, and knocking out a camera with a brick. While the demo shown off this week has the potential to feel as though you're not entirely in control of the game world, it's still too early to tell for sure.

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