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E3: Gryphon a bit of the Action

By Bobfish09-06-2014

True to its name, the third chapter in the Witcher franchise has a focus on hunting. So, naturally, the E3 (Xbone again, so be aware) presentation focused around this aspect of the game. Specifically, our boy Geralt is on the trail of a gryphon that he intends to repeatedly bitchslap in the face. Because, y’know, he has a beard now. He has to be manlier, it’s the law. Age has clearly not slowed him down one iota. Quite the opposite in fact, as the latest chapter is clearly moving towards a more action oriented style of play. This may trouble some hardcore fans, but it does make a lot of sense with the shift in focus. It’s kinda’ hard to be a good hunter when you’re bogged down by slow, methodical, tactical RPG gameplay.

A personal bugbear for me was the inclusion of an advanced senses, see through walls, mode. I mean, it makes some degree of sense, both in context and as a gameplay mechanic. As mentioned in the talk, Witchers have heightened senses and a deep intuition of their surroundings, but it’s still gimmicky. That aside, the game is shaping up extremely well and, even though it’s probably console footage, it looks fricken’ gorgeous! Nevermind the fact this, single, environment shown, is immense. With the promise of even more sprawling landscape beyond the mountains seen a long, long way away in the distance.

Bethesda eat your heart out.

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