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E3: Gameplay Warfare and Release Date

By drcoolio34509-06-2014

Are you ready to cry manly tears as you shoot manly guns at other manly people while explosions and war is going on? Well good news, because the new Call of Duty has lots of men, shooting, and explosions, this time all coming in an even more futuristic flavor than Ghosts.

Taking place in Seoul this time, you get a good look at all of the famous South Korean tourist traps like drop pods from the sky, robots, and the missiles flying every which way. Your task as the silent protagonist "Mitchell" is to run about the city shooting people while trying your best to not die. So it's a CoD game in other words.

No multiplayer was shown off unfortunately, as the entirety of the gameplay was in the campaign of the game, but you can be sure that drones and even more futuristic technology will be included in both modes. Call of Duty Dog has not been confirmed, but here's to hoping Riley and less future-centric cool things come back as well.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set to release on November 4th of this year.

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