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E3: Final E3 News on Wolfenstein

By Kelevandos15-06-2013

Apart from the previously mentioned screens, E3 surely brought lots of information on the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order. The lucky ones who attended the event personally could try a playable demo and the rest had to make it with just gameplay videos and some interviews. Here is a little sum-up of the most interesting novelties we can expect:

- The game will be set in the 60s, with B.J. Blazkowicz reawakened from coma, only to find the world dominated by Nazis;

- The devs aim for more than a shooter, making the gameplay story driven, encouraging exploration and puzzle-solving along the way;

- The combat will be revolutionary, with different weapons reacting differently to different opponents;

- Some of weapons will be able to affect the environment in surprising ways, e.g. puzzles may require laser-cutting some metal surfaces;

- The game will have a cover system, with innovative possibilities like cutting holes in the cover to shoot through;

- One of the elements of the story will be finding out how the heck did the Nazi manage to advance the technology this fast;

- Judging from the gameplays, the action will be very dynamic at times, but assumably, without the use of QTE;

There are more juicy bits to be fished out of the below videos, so make sure to check them out!

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Damn this game looks good.