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By BloodyFanGirl12-06-2014

Earlier this year we covered Bandai Namco's announcement for Rise of Incarnates, the free-to-play fighting game on PC that allows you to play as the 'Incarnate' of any one of a number of mythological figures. During that initial announcement, Bandai Namco revealed four of the games characters. This time we have two more to add to the mix.

First is Erendira Quinn, Brynhildr's incarnate, a motorcycle riding lady who dreams of coexistence between the Incarnates and humanity. She is commander of the organisation Wild Hunt that works to take down rogue incarnates. Then there's her polar opposite, Reinhold Kruger, Odin's incarnate. Kruger dreams of 'a pan-European revolution at the hands of the incarnates to secure their human rights--and to heighten their power to greatest extent possible.' Watch above as the pair duke it out in Paris, by the Arc De Triomphe. You can also read the first part of the game's digital comic here that gives a little bit more backstory.

Rise of Incarnates is scheduled to be released via Steam for PC during the latter part of this year. You can visit the game's official website here and you can like the official Facebook page here to keep up to date on upcoming details concerning the alpha or beta of this game.

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