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E3: Far Cry 4 Brings Open World Co-Op to the Himalayas

By MrJenssen10-06-2014

E3 is running ahead at full steam, with the one big reveal after the other. Though it's not exactly news that we'd be getting a sequel to 2012's fantastic open world shootfest Far Cry 3 - and that it would be set in the Himalayas and have ridable elephants - we haven't actually gotten to see much of the game. Until now. If you check out the video embedded above, you'll find the intro video for the game, introducing us to the lead character and the villain. As people have come to expect since FC3, the villain is batshit insane. So we're in for another hefty ride, then!

What, a scripted intro video isn't enough for you? I swear, there's no pleasing you kids today. Alright then, we've got some gameplay for you too. Over five minutes of gameplay, actually. Check out the video embedded at the bottom of this page, and you'll find a few things you expected from before; Himalayas, mountains, elephants, multiple ways to conquer outposts and so on. But there are also a few surprises. One of which is the fact that the main game world supports Co-Op this time around.

Cooperative play was possible in Far Cry 3 too, but only through a very linear and frankly rather boring cooperative campaign that was separated from the main game. This time, you're free to traverse the entire game world, take over enemy outposts and cause havoc in the game's makeshift helicopter. Yes, Far Cry has makeshift helicopters now. And you and your friend can both ride it at the same time. The only downside to having a buddy join in, is that all the singleplayer campaign missions are disabled. All you're allowed to do with your buddy is the said havoc-making and the outpost-overtaking. Still, that's some pretty nifty progress from Far Cry 3! Far Cry 4 is set to release on November 18 this year.

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