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E3: EA Highlights

Electronic Arts had a press conference where they showed a lot of thing by not actually showing a lot. There were a lot of people speaking about their awesome visions, spectacular work and games that we dream of. Just almost without, or with very little, gameplay. Also half of the press conference was spent talking about sports games. But who cares about those, right?

Let’s take a look at the things that matter.

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront took a 9-year break, but they've finally responded to our cries for more. The trailer this year told us practically nothing about the game, but made sure to ensure us that DICE is just as much a bunch of Star Wars nerds as you and I, and that the game will be authentic to the Star Wars universe if nothing else.


Mass Effect

Yes, Mass Effect 4 is definitely going to be a thing. That we can tell you. Beyond that, details are very thin on the ground. EA kept their cards very close to their chest during the Mass Effect portion of their conference and much of what we see of the game in the trailer above is early concept art. Beyond BioWare describing the story as something to be discovered and implying the game will be open-universe like its predecessors, EA revealed very little about the project. So far, we know it’s a game in the Mass Effect series, but it’s not part of the Shepard trilogy and will very much be doing its own thing. What that ‘thing’ turns out to be will be interesting to see.


Criterion untitled game

Burnout world maybe? Uhm, pass? We know Criterion are making something, we know it’s (apparently) open world and it will have just about every type of vehicle you can imagine. Beyond that...we know they spend a lot of time down at the pub. Makes you wonder if they do the programming there.  And if they do...what then? I must confess, I’m rather intrigued. First person free roaming in any vehicle I want with, potentially, bajillions of other people (I inferred that it’s going to be multiplayer) all smashing into each other for shits and giggles. Now that I can definitely get behind.



EA’s much talked about MOBA, Dawngate was showcased as well. In this trailer, the developers once again talk about how they paid keen attention to the community and what they wanted from the game. In the video, the developers also stress their desire for Dawngate to not simply be another clone of something else. Dawngate attempts to do this via the implementation of a rich meta game, giving each character a back story and motivation to fight. Check it out above.


Mirror's Edge 2

Minimalistic parkour free runner might be a pretty niche market, but Mirror's Edge took it and started running with it, and from what we've seen at e3 this year, Mirror's Edge 2 is going to try to do just the same. While not showing much in the ways of plot or gameplay, in their trailer DICE talk about three things: the movement, the art, and the character.

Movement looks extremely similar to the first game with more of an emphasis on combat this time around, explaining that Faith "is a projectile, because when she does hit, she hits quick, fast, and hard, then moves on." Art will stay focused on minimalism above all else while focusing on the whites, reds, and blacks. Lastly, DICE studios promises that Faith as a character will be given a story, a purpose, and more character than she was in the first game, all while explaining more  about who exactly our protagonist is.  No release date yet, but they're clearly working hard over at DICE.

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