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E3: EA Conference 2015

By zethalee16-06-2015

EA has certainly come a long way since being voted the worst company in America, twice. Their Origin platform has improved in stability and added third-party titles, and they've released a few titles this year to wide critical acclaim. Let's take a look and see how their conference at E3 shaped up, listed here in order of their appearance:

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Leading off the show with a follow-up to possibly EA's most divisive game ever, Andromeda sends us to a new galaxy, populated with new characters, races, and stories. Though BioWare is keeping numb on the specifics, the game has been built in Frostbite, and the Mako is returning. Release date is slated for Holiday 2016.

Need for Speed

Touted as “inspired by the best games in the series,” the gameplay footage showcases some of the in-depth customization that players are given, before jumping into a night time “drift battle,” culminating in evasion of the police. Release date is set for November 3rd, 2015.

The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire

The first expansion for The Old Republic, promised to be “returning to the roots of BioWare storytelling,” with a player-driven narrative that sets up quite a bit of content to come. Of particular note is that the expansion is free to all subscribers, and gives the player a level 60 character to play with. Release date is for October 27th, 2015.


A puzzle-platformer coming out of Coldwood, a developer based out of northern Sweden. You play as a small character made of yarn that unravels as it moves, with much of the game's scenery taken from the landscapes of Scandinavia. No release date at this time.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Sequel to the third-person shooter/tower defense Garden Warfare, Garden Warfare 2 sees the plants go on the offensive to take Suburbia back from the zombies. New additions include solo play, playing as the zombies to defend your land, and, of course, putting the plants in the role of the attacker. Release set for Spring 2016.


The latest installment of the incredibly popular football video game. New innovations include a trainer for players new to the series, the ability to manage a women's football team, and new tactics depending on where the ball is on the pitch. Release is set for the 22nd of September 2015 for the Americas, two days later for Europe, and one day after that for the UK.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

Chronicling the origin story of Faith, Catalyst serves as a prequel to the well-loved original title, with some major changes. Gone is the gunplay entirely, leaving combat up to the player and their environment, and more importantly, the game is now entirely free-roam, giving players choice in what to do, and when. Release date set for February 23rd, 2016.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Also one of the most anticipated titles to appear at this E3, we were treated to quite a solid amount of multiplayer footage, and also some footage of the “survival mode.” Though, as we already know, that space battles are out, there are aerial battles promised, and Darth Vader himself makes an appearance in the multiplayer footage, though there's no telling how common that would be in actual matches. Release date is set for November 17th, 2015.

EA seems to have brought quite the game line-up to E3, though there's no real surprises in the mix, as most knew that a new Mass Effect title was in the works, and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst was confirmed sometime ago. Still, I'm certainly excited to see how Catalyst is going to shape up, as the original is one of my personal favorite games, and I want to keep an eye on Unravel, as it's something totally unlike anything EA has published so far, to my memory. So then, what are you all looking forward to? Any surprises in the mix? Let us know in the comments below.

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Was generally shocked about the show. I know it's EA so I have to be extremely hesitant when it comes to new games. However, unravel and mirrors edge looked really great. But what got me the most was Battlefront. Damn, it just looked like a lot of fun.