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E3: Drawing Lines in the Sand

By BloodyFanGirl09-06-2014

After the surprise reveal of The Division at last year’s E3, the title has made a reappearance at this year’s Xbox One E3 event. The new gameplay trailer opens much the same way as the very first one from E3 did, with Christmas songs overlaid atop a post-apocalyptic city scape. Speaking of overlays, The Division’s in-game augmented reality is shown off again here too. And as always it looks glorious...though whether it looks as good in the final product remains to be seen and we shan’t see that until late 2015 now.

The gameplay video shows what starts off as a seemingly routine trip to a player base. Things quickly go awry. Players attempt to contain the situation ‘as quietly as possible’ but things...escalate. Explosions and ‘tactical gunplay’ ensue. This trailer also teases some of the tech that will be available to players to aid them in their quest ‘to defend New York and bring society back from the brink.’ Check it out above and watch this space for more from Ubisoft’s E3 conference later today.

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It's a gods damned conspiracy!

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I know, right? You think we'd learn after what they just pulled with Watch_Dogs, but still...they know how to present and sell their products well.

Posts: 3290

Damn you Ubi, I want to hate you, I really do. But you make such amazing games!

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