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E3: Darkness Returns to My Soul

By Bobfish10-06-2013

A medley of death and dismemberment to assault your senses. Seventy glorious seconds of gameplay footage for Dark Souls 2. Or should that be gameplay? Oh yeah, I've still got it. I never lost it.

Anyway, this is the trailer from the E3 Xbox event so it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this is, well, probably Xbox footage. But that is far from being a bad thing as it already looks deliciously brutal. Just makes me all the more eager to see what the high end beasts of the PC world can do with it. The backing music is pretty damned awesome too. Fight your way down to the depths of our comments section and leave your entrails, I mean thoughts, I mean mutilated brain matter spattered across the walls.

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Posts: 237

Give it to me... now!

Posts: 240

Looks so bloody amazing! But, yes, let's hope it's a good port and not whatever the fuck Dark Souls is on PC without graceful mods.

Posts: 3290

Well, if AMD are to be believed, the new consoles are mini-PCs anyway

Posts: 1317

Well, let me clarify a little: It doesn't have to be the leading platform. But my point is... if this turns into another Dark Souls PC port incident.... Grrrr.... I want this game, but I don't want to go through the most ridiculous compromises in gaming history to play it.

Posts: 1317

If they are bullshitting about that "PC is the leading platform" stuff, then I'm gonna travel to Japan and murder me some Namconeese people.