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E3: Civilization: Beyond Earth Gameplay

By zethalee13-06-2014

Gametrailers has done an interview with two of the team members from the Civilization: Beyond Earth team, and with it brings some gameplay footage, and some information about the differences between Civ V and this title as well. Looking and seeming to play functionally similar to Civ V, the hex system has returned, and from what I can gather, so has the "singular unit per tile" rule. What's new is the "research web," initially starting off reasonably, and grounded in modern science, before expanding deeply into 'science fiction' territory. As previously mentioned, three affinities can drive choices and unit upgrades: harmony means fusing with and embracing the planet, supremacy involves augmenting the body with technology and abandoning the new world, and purity, which retains humanity and human culture from the old world. Each track involves different victory conditions, and can visually change units and unlock special units for the player.

What else is new is the "quest system," a way to both teach players about the game, and allow them to reconstruct and build their own version of history surrounding the planet. Promising an "evolutionary" experience and one that is new every time you play it, it's a way to feel as though you're leaving your mark on the planet, while using game systems you wouldn't normally. Ambient life as well, instead of the occasionally annoying barbarians in Civ V, can be used as a weapon and turned against other players as an instrument of war, and possibly even domesticate them, a la Alpha Centauri, if one so chooses the Harmony affinity.

Lastly, though there was no footage shown, is the use of "orbital air," which would appear to serve as a form of tactical and military support, in orbit above the planet. Since you are technically a spacefaring race, the developers promise that it will remain relevant throughout the entire game, whether through spying or alien communication. Release of the game is slated for this fall, for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

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