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E3: Black Flag Gameplay

By MrJenssen11-06-2013

After a fancy, but ultimately pre-rendered - CGI trailer, we finally got to see Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag in action. Though the gameplay will have to wait until later during E3, we still got to see some in-game footage Ubisoft teased us with. While it comes as no surprise that this piratey Assassin sequel will expand on AC3's naval combat, I doubt anyone had expected just how open-world the naval action would be. No longer restricted to combat alone, ships can be used to travel the open seas of the Caribbean, to raid pirate lairs, besiege forts, explore and live the life of a true pirate. An odd choice for the trailer's soundtrack doesn't hinder the fact that the game looks undeniably gorgeous.

Though Ubisoft's presentation was disappointingly lacklustre in terms of the amount of gameplay footage shown, they've teased or announced several games that will likely show more footage later during the next few days. Black Flag is without a doubt one of these. If you're anywhere near as excited as me for Black Flag, you'll want to keep your eyes on Pixel Judge during E3, to get every little detail on it.

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You play as Val Kilmer.

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I actually really liked the music. Especially in the second video