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E3: Below the Below

By Bobfish10-06-2013

A most enigmatic trailer for what promises to be a most enigmatic game. With a visual style that immediately put me in mind of Journey, Below was another one of those 'shut up and take my money' moments. It's hard to get to grips with it at this stage, though the "what lies Below" slogan, as well as the snippets of in game footage, lead me to believe it will most likely be a roguelike based around descending into...perhaps a cave system? As best I can gather the game will start with your boat crashing against some rocks, leaving you alone to survive 'below'.

As this was revealed as part of the Xbox presentation, it remains unclear if Below will also see a PC release. However, as Microsoft have made clear they will not be allowing self-publishing to Indie titles in the future and that this is coming from Capybara, the people behind Sword and Sworcery, it seems unlikely this will remain exclusive for long. More likely a 'timed' exclusive. See something I missed? Grab your spelunking gear and make your way to our comments section...below.

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I really like the visual style of this game. Here's hoping this doesn't stay a Xbox One exclusive. :/