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E3: Battlefield: Hardline's Beta Released Today

By zethalee10-06-2014

In a rather surprise announcement coming at the end of EA's press conference, open beta signups for Hardline's multiplayer opened today, which immediately put the Origin servers under heavy load, and caused wait times and download issues for users across the internet. At the very least, the game does feature a pair of game modes, and the ability for players to choose weapon unlocks via the “cash on hand” system. Similar to the Black Ops games, by completing objectives or killing opponents, players will be able to select weapons, and likely equipment to unlock, instead of grinding out entire lines of machine guns or carbines, as was the case in Battlefield 4.

Though there's no indication of how long the beta will be running for, it will be available exclusively to PS4 and PC users, and those interested in it can follow the link here. I have requested access to the beta myself, though there's no telling on when or if I get in. At the very least, should we acquire access, a preview should be up before long with footage and thoughts on it.

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Oh, EA and Dice. First it was "we'll never charge for DLCs". Then it was "Battlefield will not become a yearly franchise". What's next?