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E3: Battlefield 4 XPC4

By NeonAnderson12-06-2013

After much internet debate on the matter (perhaps too much for how trivial of a matter it is), it has finally been confirmed by Peter Moore from EA that the live gameplay we saw at the various E3 Press Conferences were indeed running on a PC that was "specced to match the Xbox One and PlayStation 4"

During the initial debate, I had my doubts on the matter as there were indeed console specific symbols during the gameplay footage and live gameplay sequences at E3. However, it has now become apparent through Peter Moore from EA that they simply had connected an Xbox One controller and PlayStation 4 controller to their console specced PC, this is why there was a mixture of console specific and PC specific symbols visible in the gameplay sequences they. This was nothing sinister though as the simple reason for this is that there are no final hardware builds yet for the Xbox One and PS4. Thus the best solution was to use a PC running similar hardware to what we can expect on an Xbox One and PS4.

For those wondering what gameplay we are talking about, you can see our coverage here, be warned though... epic destruction gameplay inside.

Beyond the confirmation of much online debate regarding what Battlefield 4 was running on during E3, DICE has also announced that Battlefield 4 will up the squad count from four to five. The main reason is that players have been asking for larger squads in order to increase the importance of squad-based teamwork and tactics, as well as increasing the flexibility and choices players will have when playing online.

To reiterate, Battlefield 4 will be available October 29 this year for the Xbox 360 and One, PlayStation 3 and 4, and the PC.

Those who pre-order Battlefield 4 at a large variety of retailers and online stores, such as Origin, will receive a Premium Expansion Pack for free. Namely, China Rising DLC.

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Posts: 596

Well, because this is just one section running on a super powerful PC :P

That is what makes me say it :P

Posts: 3290

Oh? What makes you say that?

Posts: 596

We shall see, I think if anything the quality could go down at launch when they try to optimise it for 60 FPS. But then again I could be totally wrong on that...

Posts: 3290

This could actually explain why it hasn't improved all that much. Over Battlefield 3 I mean. Maybe, this time around, they're showing us the base model so they can wow us with the Gaming Master Race's version later down the line?