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E3: Battlefield 4 Breaking Everything

By StuntmanLT10-06-2013

During the E3 Microsoft conference EA showed off some more footed from the campaign. The action takes place on a plane carrier...that get torn into two pieces. Player shoots some people, then vandalise the environment, then shoot some more dudes then jump off the broken ship and board a boat where eventually they get rammed by a jet. Hmmm, took a page from my BF3 flying tactics...

But the sweet spot was during the EA Press conference where DICE showed off multiplayer. Finally! And I cannot express how cool it looked. You have to see that for yourself. Obviously the whole thing was orchestrated but that doesn't deter from the fact that Battlefield 4 is going to be much bigger and better than its predecessor. The return of commander mode and the ability to bring down a SKYSCRAPER looks just awesome.

The only thing that really disappointed - the "timed exclusive" DLC del for Xbox. Seems this gen Battlefield 4 is pulling a "CoD" on us. Pity.

In any case personally can't wait to get my paws on the beta and eventually the full game. How about you?

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The problem with this new shitfield 4 is that, the big building only seems to have a top floor thats enterable....andyou warp up to there via the push of a button? meh.

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Me want this...now

Posts: 596

This looks epic, must buy for me :D

Posts: 228

Issat...counterstab? Snipers just shat themselves with pure joy!
I wonder what's the trigger for tower collapse? I still don't know how and why the Tower in Caspian Border would collapse.

And while levolution is a horrible word and no game to date had a carrier level that didn't suck, this looks like fun. Preorderin.

Posts: 341

Generic multiplayer with scripted set pieces ftw.

And they say its Xbox gameplay but since when does the Xbox have the buttons: 1, 2, T and V?