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E3: Arkham Begins

By MrJenssen13-06-2013

Got a half hour to spare? Well, if you're a fan of Rocksteady Studios' two last games, you'll want to find time for this. Batman: Arkham Origins has shown its wings extensively so far during E3. Though not developed by Rockstead, but instead Warner Brothers Interactive's internal Montreal team this time around, the game is clearly more than just inspired by the efforts made by Rocksteady in the past. Not only is the graphics engine the same, but the combat and general gameplay seem wholly unaltered, with only a few modifications an additions placed on top.

The story is set much earlier than the previous Arkham games, where Batman is much younger, less experienced, and... apparently has more gadgets than he does in the future? Well, while there might be certain inconsistencies to be found there, the game still looks quite good. Though it could be mistaken for an expansion for Arkham City at first glance, there are some welcome improvements to be found as well. For one, the city of Gotham is bigger and taller than Arkham City ever was, with more room for acrobatic maneuvers and lore-friendly side activities to be explored. The Detective Mode has also gotten a robust overhaul, to the point where it now actually requires a bit of detective work from the player, rather than just the "press X to solve mystery"-approach Rocksteady went for.

Though it may be a tad disappointing that Warner Bros. seem to go a route similar to what Ubisoft did with Asassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations, it cannot be denied that Arkham City offered an incredibly immersive and entertaining experience that remained true to the universe of the caped crusader. If Warner Bros. Montreal manages to even touch upon the greatness that was Arkham City, then we're in for a hell of a ride. Check out the video presentation of the game, embedded above, for all the juicy details.


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