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E3: A Union of Credibility

By Bobfish09-06-2014

What’s an E3 without Assassin’s Creed? So yeah, you guessed it, Ubisoft are already showing off Unity, and their own presentation is still hours away so, bear in mind, this is Xbone footage. But hey, it looks like an Ass Creed game, talks like an Ass Creed game, tastes like an Ass...what?! I’m unsure if the footage we’ve been shown is an early build, or if it just looks...kinda’ poopy on the Xbone, but, well, it looks kinda’ poopy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, lighting and so forth are dayum nice, and the animations are smooth as butter, but the textures are rather dull and flat. On the other hand, the environments are enormous, NPCs are notably more diverse in their scripted routines (one guard stops to watch a passing maid at about the midpoint) and, the real star of the show here...mutliplayer.

No, wait, we don’t mean the admittedly solid, but generally unappreciated competitive multiplayer that has been with the series since Brotherhood. Nay, I mean four player, campaign co-op. Just like the name implies, the brotherhood is much more...unified. YEEEEEEEEEAH! Where are my sunglasses? But internet memes aside, that adds a whole shedload of new possibilities to the series and honestly, leaves only one question. Why did it take you so darned long to include it?! As a side note, we don’t have anything, like, at all, about this second Creed game we’ve been told is supposed to be coming this year, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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