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E.T Phone Bullets...to Your Face!

By Bobfish17-09-2013

Well. That was unexpected. From the Persian (yes, as in the place) industry newcomers Raspina Studio, comes a decidedly ambitious sci-fi shooter that came tearing out of left field at full title. E.T Armies immediately screamed at me that it will be everything Alien Rage is trying to be. Currently doing the rounds on Greenlight, it is already demonstrating solid visuals, tight gameplay and suitably expansive enfvironments.

Though it's hard to judge the eventual scale of the finished product, the pitch battle shown here takes place in an area that, whilst linear, is still of ample size to allow a significant amount of mobility. If representative of the final product as a whole, it may prove to be a corridor shooter where the corridors, at least, are several miles long and hundreds of meters wide. With AI that racts and interacts fluidly with the obstacles, companion AI and the player.

I'm really trying not to allow myself to become too optimistic about a game that is clearly still in the early stages of devlopment, relatively speaking, but I can't deny. The trailer, the smattering of screenshots and concept art on the Greenlight (and below for your convenience) have me already pretty stoked for this project. I'm calling it, right now, as one to watch.

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Well, it wouldn't really do to show a dude being repeatedly twatted in the face by massive alien dongs...unless it was in Japan.

Watching through the other trailers (which are just as ambiguous) does definitely suggest a lot of potential...but well, pre-judging and all that. I just have this feeling...

But time will tell

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This actually looks fairly interesting, although hopefully this is a developer build to demonstrate it while on a easy difficulty.