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E3: Metal Gear Redemption

By Bobfish10-06-2013

Some rather intriguing gameplay footage for The Phantom Pain has come out of E3. It's a little choppy in places, which could be for any number of reasons, but I highly doubt any of it is to do with performance issues. It promises a great many new features, including 'dynamic' CQC which does look very, very nice I must say. We also get to see old Big Boss riding a horse across a dusty vista. My life is complete, I can die happy!

My interest in the Metal Gear franchise has been waning through recent entries. Not any more. The Phantom Pain has just elevated itself to a day one buy. Hell, it's on my pre-order list for a number of reasons. Not least of them being the recasting of Kiefer Sutherland in the lead role. A controversial move, but one I am extremely happy with. Not that I've been a fan of his for near on thirty years or anything. Just watch the video, you'll see what I mean.

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A wise man denied his homeland - Yugoslavia?

All in all, looks like it has fun gameplay and rock stupid convoluted plot - just like any MGS game should. I would be waiting for this one if not for, you know, Xbone.

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Well then. Looks like I need to play the rest of the series before this comes out. To ebay!

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True. He admittedly wasn't someone who crossed my mind to replace Hayter - no one did, in fact, because I was well gutted - but he is a perfect choice. Still, when I say I'd like to hear more of him as Big Boss, I also mean I want more bloody gameplay pronto. Honestly, looks well beyond my expectations.

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But that's the thing. We don't need an epic voice over. Three lines is enough for us to get the picture. And that's precisely why Sutherland was cast.

Nothing against David Hayter. But daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

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Oh my god, give me this now.

From the moment they said open world I've been really skeptical of how it'd exactly play out, especially when they mentioned the use of vehicles. But, yeah, fuck my skepticism. Um, looks amazing?

One thing I did wish they had a bit more of was Kiefer Sutherland lines because I thought he sounded amazing for the few he did have. I mean, he's a pretty good choice in the first place, but I'd have loved to have heard some more to wash away any remaining doubt.

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I'm telling you right now. If this game has back room poker games, you will never see me again