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Dying Light's 180 Days of Content Gets More Content

By drcoolio34525-07-2015

Dying Light, or as I like to call Assassin's Creed with zombies and dropkicks, really has grown in the short 6 months its been out. As the video says, weapons, areas, costumes, challenges, and entirely different modes have been added to the game that some people were calling "bare-bones" on release.

Techland has added a lot, but they're not planning on stopping there. The end of the video has this little stinger, featuring a character, on a grassy hill, inside a vehicle.

Vehicles? In a game that already has parkour? If Dying Light gets any more ways to move around environments they'll have to port their game onto phones for players to move around themselves.

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Who in the world called Dying Light bare bones on release?