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Dying Light: A Game With Zombies. And Parkour!

By BloodyFanGirl24-05-2013

Techland, the people behind Dead Island and soon Hellraid, are continuing the trend of zombies within their games with Dying Light. This new project is a first person, action game and will be available for the recently announced Xbox One as well as the Xbox 360, the Playstation 4 & 3 and finally PC when it is released in 2014.

Dying Light will feature a realistic day/night cycle and players shall have the opportunity to parkour their way through a ruined world. By day players shall prepare for the night and the much more powerful nasties that crawl out of the woodwork during that time. Players will have to pick through the desolate world during the day to collect supplies they can then use to craft weapons. During the night time players can either face off against zombies with these newly crafted weapons or you can use your parkour skills to avoid combat. The game will feature a weapons upgrade system and combat appears to have a large focus on melee.

The game also features a neat enemy detection feature where players can sense enemies via an on screen pulse. This ability is explained via the plot as being a beneficial result of the player character being an infected human themselves. When an enemy decides to chase the player character the camera flips 180 degrees to shows the enemy's proximity whilst you dash in the other direction.

This camera feature sounds like it could be potentially very disorientating but I can't wait to hear more details about the open world environment, the parkour mechanics and further plot details about this game. Watch this space for more on this project in the future.

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@NeonAnderson: Agreed, but will it deliver?

@Bobfish: Oh my, yes. I don't know why but I'm kinda reminded of the indie game Miasmata too.

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Mirror's Island you say?

Where's my wallet?

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Hmm, it has potential :D