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Dying Light 10 Minutes of Gameplay

By MrJenssen27-09-2013

Dying Light is the next step in open-world zombie slaughter from Polish developer Techland, who are also known for making Dead Island. Dying Light is no sequel, though. It does have a lot of the same gameplay mechanics, but adds in a heavy dose of parkour, and seeks to give much more open-ended environments for the players than Dead Island had.

Now, Techland have shown off some new gameplay for Dying Light, at the currently running Eurogamer Expo. You'll get a good idea of some of the options you have in the world. You won't have to fight every crowd of zombies you come by. Sneaking by or running past them is also a viable option in most cases. The game does seem to have a rather robust freerunning system, allowing you to mount and jump over obstacles with relative ease. All the while, you'll come by survivors you can help out, earning you experience so that you can rank up. Standard stuff. However, once the sun sets and night falls, gameplay changes radically. Some zombies will change into a much more dangerous form, making combat a bad choice in the dark. Your best option then, is to run.

The video from the event is embedded above. Skip ahead to the 11-minute mark for the actual gameplay. Dying Light is set to release sometime next year.

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Posts: 297

I'm hoping they've learned from the crash-fest of Dead Island.

Posts: 1317

Yeah, let's just hope the PC-port is more respectable this time around.

Posts: 351

Oh yeah this is looking great, I loved the first Dead Island so this is a must buy for me!