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Dying Intros

By Bobfish10-12-2014

Following on from the story trailer, which some assert told us nothing about the actual story, shown at the VGA last week. Techland are back with the intro video for their upcoming zombarkimulactioventure (zombie parkour simulator action adventure) game Dying Light. This one, yeah, I'll agree, doesn't tell us much about the story either. But what it does do, is introduce us to the setting. Which, you know, is what an intro is supposed to do. So good job there guys.

The short segment, presented as a pseudo news report, with some arty still 3D images thrown on, informs us that the city of Harran has been sealed off due to a pervasive infection. And that there are reports of people still being left alive inside, though it throws doubt on the last part. Pretty much like media in the real world then. Gotta' get people interested with them controversies amirite?

Totally not a passive/aggressive dig about recent events of anything.

There's nothing passive about my aggression.

Anyway, Dying Light, lookin' good guys. Lookin' real good.

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