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Dust 514 Players Join EVE Online

By NeonAnderson10-01-2013

For those amongst you that do not know what CCP is up to, Dust 514 is a PlayStation 3 exclusive FPS, which is currently in closed beta and will be releasing sometime in 2013. Dust 514 takes place in the EVE Online universe and once it is fully launched it will be fully connected to the EVE Online MMO on PC in many ways, meaning that actions that Dust 514 players take will have consequences on EVE Online, while actions that players in EVE Online take will have consequences in Dust 514.

On top of this, one of the biggest feature shown yet (as seen in the video above) is orbital bombardment. Players in the same corporation can make a request for orbital bombardment in Dust 514; this request will then be shown to corporation ships in EVE Online currently orbiting the planet that the Dust 514 players are fighting on. Once the ship on EVE launches the orbital bombardment, players in Dust 514 will see that happen on the ground.

What CCP is currently doing is getting ready to move the Dust 514 beta players onto the Tranquillity EVE Online server on the 10 of January. While not all features will be available immediately, orbital bombardment and cross-platform corporation support will be accessible.


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