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Duo Attacks Valve

By Azeebo03-01-2014

With the increase in electronic "terrorism" on the rise, Valve's all encompassing online distribution service Steam, is the latest to be targeted. The damage caused by the DDoS attacks rendered Steams Marketplace and Community functions almost useless, and these problems persist during the final hours of the Holiday Sale.

It appears two Tweeters have taken responsibility for the attacks, posting the above. There are no updates on Steam's Twitter page, so these issues could be set to continue for a little while longer yet.


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Posts: 3290

Same guy claims to have hit Origin, Battle.net, Uplay and bollocks only knows what else

Posts: 596

*sigh* more people for the jails I see lol, again, they could spend this time and talent far more productively on things that instead of earning them jail-time, earns them money and real joy... *sigh*