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Dungeon Crawling Explored

By Mokman23-08-2013

It does not exactly fill me with confidence that the actual title of the most recent video released by FINAL FANTASY XIV's YouTube Channel is titled "Dungeon Crawl, Part 2". Somehow it lacks the panache and style that I've come to expect from the mad Japanese series, lacking the elegance of the previ- Oh. Right. Never mind, I've just watched the video and damn - does the world look amazing. Various intricate settings just draped in mind-bendingly beautiful architecture, all waiting to be explored online.

That being said, the graphics do not look amazingly next-gen, although perhaps the game is not currently putting on its best face. Art design wise, it seems like Square Enix is right at the cutting edge, where Final Fantasy has always been - and I expect that while 14 may or may not be the best MMO out there when it does come out, it could very well be the prettiest.

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Yay I like the Chocobos

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I played the Beta of this for a couple of weekends and I will say that will the graphics weren't particularly stunning there was something about the game which only square can do and make it work which I cant put my finger on.