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DümBot is so Düm It's Unreal (Engine 4)

By CameronW20-01-2014

It looks like Unreal Engine 4 is continuing the tradition of Epic's user friendly engine, helping indie developers move away from the stereotype of overdone retro graphics and on to creating games with triple-A visuals without the triple-A budget. The latest example of such a game is Angry Rock Studio's DümBot (Doom Bot, not dumb).

DümBot is a 3D Action Platformer about a dopey mute robot and a paraplegic redneck zombie named Jenkins, teaming up to save the world from robots and zombies and robot zombies. Presumably by jumping on things.

The game looks damn good, no doubt thanks to the fact that they're using the previously mentioned Unreal Engine 4 which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. While a 3D action platformer certainly isn't a revolutionary new genre of indie game, the guys over at AngryRock say that they're doing their best to keep the game innovative and most importantly: fun.

If you want to offload some of your hard earned money to the guys, you can donate to them via PayPal by clicking that giant donate button off to the right here. Also their site is probably a good place to keep up with if you're interested in more information regarding release dates and all that good stuff.

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