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Drinking Time for Agent Cole

By Toast25-07-2013

Well dear readers, if any of you decided to participate in the choice agent Ennis Cole was going to make well now the majority have voted for him to hit the bottle and start drinking his sanity away, a great way to forget those painful memories. He admits to wanting to resign due to becoming unfit for his work and will not resist getting locked up in the big house for knowing too much (time to run in that case). Shortly afterwards with all the blabbered type writing and drinking, the alarm goes off and agent Cole grabs his gun and is seen running outside in a field, maybe to run away from invading alien forces or from capture?

Who knows, but we'll probably find out on the 23rd of August when we continue the chase. Also, if you pre-order it on Steam right now, you'll have access to the bonus Codebreakers mission when released.


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But but but I picked the gun!