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Dreams Will Fall

By Bobfish04-03-2013

With seven days to go in its Kickstarter campaign, Red Thread Games have released their first full trailer for Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, as well as an announcement that, should they reach two million dollars (almost three times what they originally asked for) there will be a fourth, and final, chapter in the Dreamfall series - The Longest Journey Home. You may be wondering why they've announced a two million stretch goal when the Kickstarter page shows 'only' 1.1, and that's a good question. There's now also a PayPal option, which will count towards the total, but has not been tallied in yet. But why, I hear you ask, is this game getting so much attention? How has it been able to smash past the, now seemingly paltry, $850,000 originally requested? Watch the trailer above and all will become clear. Now come, fellow dreamers, and dream a little of your magic in the comments below.

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