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By Bobfish16-02-2013

Y'all remember that incredible Dreamcast port of Half-Life way back in the year 2000? What do you mean no? Well, actually, you probably don't remember it, now that I come to think of it. Since it, y'know, wasn't released and all. Until now that is. Or, more accurately, re-released. To commemorate Valve showing their dedication to their userbase (that's us) by rolling out a whole slew of new support features for Mac and Linux, the team that originally modded the unreleased Dreamcast port have done it again. Fixing all the issues that the Steam update created and, thus, making it playable again. It may seem redundant to most people, given the Source update already released by valve themselves. But there are a number of little tweaks that were supposed to be exclusive to the Dreamcast (full list below) such as unique enemy types, CD quality (rather than the 48kbps default) and a lot of easter eggs such as Dreamcast DVDs (see video above) hidden in boxes and the like. Plus, dude, it's Half-Life. Can never have too much Half-Life.

  • Different Maps – The map alterations range from minor geometry fixes and lighting adjustments to entirely revamped areas. Several locations have been redesigned with performance and gameplay in mind while entirely new rooms have been added in some places to introduce another obstacle or puzzle to overcome. One entire level was even cut! Can you determine the missing map?
  • Different Models – The Dreamcast version is host to a number of exclusive models not seen in any other version of Half-Life, including the High Definition pack and the PlayStation 2 port. Can you find the hidden VMU and Half-Life Dreamcast disc?
  • Revamped Menu – Included is a new splash screen, menu background, menu color scheme, and menu sounds to closely emulate the Dreamcast's fancy interface.
  • High quality soundtrack – Emulates the CD quality music used in the console version, overriding the default 48kbps mp3s on Steam.
  • Tweaked Difficulty – To accommodate the difficulty of playing with a controller, Gearbox suitably rebalanced the monster spawns as well as enemy health and damage values.
  • Password Notifications – Although the password system itself cannot be ported, all password messages that appear in normal gameplay have been brought over.
  • The Little Differences – Too small to be noted in a bullet point, but true Half-life fans should be able to spot these in a heartbeat when they see (or hear!) them.


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Ooh, snap :p

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consoles come, consoles go. PC is here forever :P

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It was a dayum shame what happened with the Dreamcast. A criminally underappreciated console