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Dramatic Raider

By Bobfish28-02-2013

Check out the, supposedly, UK specific trailer for the new Tomb Raider (only a week to go guys) that was put up yesterday. The Reborn trailer. I'm not a great fan of these overly dramatic, switching from one person to another mid-sentence kind of things, but it does an admirable job all the same. Though the chap talking about being "aj-UL" made me cringe. We're British dude, it's AH-jyl. Makes me wonder if he might be not from around these parts. Anyhoo, give it a look, it's a tad melodramatic for my taste and all, but still sets a good tone. Then make your way down and raider the wonder of our comments section. Perhaps to tell me these "leave a comment" puns are becoming increasingly cringe worthy. You just don't get my winning British cynicism.

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Posts: 3290

That would have been pretty funny >D

I'm just glad they've dropped the childish "Hello Lara, goodbye girlfriend" crap they had during the Playstation 2 games

Posts: 21

ahh i wanted one of the guys to say he was lara lol