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Dragon's Dogma Online is Looking as Cool as Ever

By drcoolio34509-04-2015

Dragon's Dogma fans eat your hearts out, because a new trailer for Dragon's Dogma Online just dropped.

As someone who subscribes to the philosophy that dragons make everything better, a world like Dragon's Dogma is looking amazing. Eight classes, a plethora of monsters to hunt, an open world filled with character action heroes, and a logo that's just a five headed dragon; what's not to like here? It's a world filled with Cyclopi, ogres, lizard men, and monsters of all sorts threatening the realm, and you have stylish heroes sliding under them and doing helm splitters down their entire bodies. It's just not something you can say no to, and its gameplay is looking to be completely different than any other MMO out there.

Maybe I'm just getting too excited for a character action MMO, but good God people, Capcom is dumping all of their style into this game, and it's making me woozy with excitement!

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This just looks better and better