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Dragonborn Arrives on PC February 5th

By Leigh Cobb19-01-2013

Good news for those insatiably waiting for Bethesda latest DLC offering, Dragonborn, to make its way to PC. It has been announced that it will be arriving on the 5th February, joining existing DLCs, Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

Dragonborn looked pretty good as I remember from its trailer, featuring a return to Solstheim from the Morrowind days. Bethesda tends to have a good hand on how they approach their additional content, preferring to offer things which step into expansion territory (Hearthfire aside). Dragonborn looks no different, featuring new environments, weapons, armor, quests and characters. What else do you need to know, it's more Skyrim! That said, the whole Xbox 360 exclusivity thing has been a bit of a letdown, still it's almost here now, in just a few more weeks you too will be able to ride a dragon and be reminded fondly of Morrowind.

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Can't wait :] haven't fully put Skyrim down since I got it about a year ago. The longest break I've taken from it was 2 weeks. Then I got into modding... I should probably seek help soon.