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Dragon Versus Dragon

By Mokman17-07-2013

"High Octane Dog Fighting & Commanding in Dragon Commander!" That's the first words in the description of this trailer, which showcases the multiplayer aspect of the upcoming dragon-fighting, troop-commanding madness that is Divinity: Dragon Commander. And boy, they weren't lying.

A violent mix of real-time strategy and swooping aerial combat, Dragon Commander struts its stuff while displaying a game between two human players, duking it out against each other in huge battles to the death. Swapping fluidly between the two crazed modes, it features a dazzling amount of interesting mechanics, from cards to strategic maps, from mindless grunts to soaring airships - all the while giving a surprising amount of strategy and thought behind the gameplay.

This one looks like a keeper.

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Okay, you won't hear me say this often, about mutil-player.