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Dragon Commander 30 Minutes Of Gameplay

By MrJenssen29-06-2013

Larian Studios, the devs who brought us the Divinity RPGs, haven't shown off much of their upcoming strategy/action/RPG hybrid Divinity: Dragon Commander, since the initial announcement trailer, but are now finally back in form. The video above goes in-depth and explains what exactly Dragon Commander is. It starts off showing a remastered version of the original trailer, before jumping into the gameplay. And that's a good thing, because wrapping your brain around the concept of Dragon Commander, can be a bit tricky if you're left to figure it out on your own. To sum it up, it's a light grand strategy/RTS hybrid type game, with RPG-elements and dialogue similar to games like Mass Effect... BUT, it also doubles as a dragon flying, fighting simulator... thing. All set in the Divinity universe. Oh yeah, and there's multiplayer too. Look, just watch the video. All shall be explained.

If this footage makes you twitchy to get started, you should know that pre-ordering the game grants you immediate access to the Beta. That's right, you could be off in a fantasy land, flying dragons right now! And instead you're sitting here, reading stuff. Pfft. Nerd.

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Posts: 3290

I think it's time for more Breath of Fire games, who's with me?

Posts: 351

I like Dragons so I may try this game.

Posts: 3290

ikr? Dragons are awesome! We need more games with dragon player characters, not just as enemies

Posts: 4

Generally strategy games can get a bit repetitive, but this game lets you turn into a DRAGON and reign fury down upon your enemies. How cool is that?