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Dragon Age's new Tactical Camera

By drcoolio34501-08-2014

Dragon Age already has quite a few features, from horses, to crafting, to dialogue with moral choices, but the most improved system in Dragon Age Inquisition is looking to be the tactical camera.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a tactical camera is just a mechanic where you can freeze the game, think out your moves, and then unpause to watch your plan in action, turning a normally real time action RPG into a turn based one. Dragon Age Inquisition's seems to be on the more innovative side of tactical cameras, allowing for commands and goals to be given to each part member like usual, but giving the player a bird's eye view of the battlefield, movement lines, alongside both status ailments and buffs for enemies and allies.

Of course, the tactical camera is only an optional mechanic, you could always just charge the frontlines in real time just as you could in any other Dragon Age game. The Inquisition will be coming to stores November 18th for PS4, PS3, Xbox360, Xbox One, and Windows.

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I wonder if you can queue up commands though, still, even without it looks really user friendly, obviously designed for console usage though. So I hope that on PCs it will be usable as well.

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Okay. This I like. This I like very much