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Dragon Age Promo Items Are Now Free

By SavageOcto09-12-2012

The Dragon Age series have a lot of promo items. There were different items depending what store you pre-ordered from and what country you lived in. This lead to over 40 different promo items that were released to where and when you bought the game.

Well it seems that Bioware are going to let you get all of the items they released for Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II for free! All you have to do is go to this promo page and log-in with your EA Origin account. You don’t even need to own the game right now to get the items. You can still log in and get the items if you feel like you may pick up the games later.

While this doesn’t include the actual DLC packs released for the game, you do get a hefty amount of loot. It even includes the Fan Reward Pack, a three-item bundle that was only given to those who went to the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. It sucks that they no longer have those exclusives but for everyone else, yay!

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Posts: 1317

Good stuff, glad to hear they made them free instead of having them paid like a lot of studios do.

Posts: 237

Well, now i can restart the game with an armory of loot. I might as well do it, since i love the game and waiting for the 3. one.

Posts: 267

Good, got it too.

Posts: 596

Wow thanks for this news! I just redeemed it, surprisingly easy to do considering it's EA/BioWare :P