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Dragon Age Inquisition Spy Footage

By JcDent02-09-2013

Dragon Age Inquisition is hoping to be the new good Dragon Age game. Here's hoping.

Anyways, here's some more footage of the game. In the embedded YouTube video you can see that the battles will be somewhat more interactive and the colour are more lively. Hooray.

Warrior powers still suck, though.

Now, in this probably not entirely legal cam video below we can see a lot more. 14+ minutes of gameplay and audience hooting and applauding like on command. So yeah, more color, more player decisions, a much bigger world (DA1 and 2 were almost corridor RPGs - like Final Fantasy XIII) and things like limited amount of health potions, to make you think ahead. The presentation beats you head with "consequences' so much it might break that thing in game (a joke).

At any rate, we can only hope this will be good. I miss being happy with AAA releases.

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Ok DAI, you have my attention.

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Yeah, that's where I'm at too.

Stress the might

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I might just give it a chance. Might...