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Dragon Age: Inquisition has a Release Date!

By Spellbound22-04-2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition has risen from the depths of BioWare wrapped in mystique and secrecy, revealing ever so little. Well, the overlords of the Dragon Age franchise have finally spoken the fabled words ‘October 7th’, and the internet screamed internally like fangirls at a Bieber concert.

Or maybe it was just me. There was much disappointment after the very rushed Dragon Age II, but this sequel has so far shown great promise, and I, for one, am very excited.

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, you play as the sole survivor of a terrible Fade catastrophe that has endowed you with otherworldly powers. You are the founder of the Inquisition, and will embark on a quest to find out just what on Thedas is going on with all those Fade Rifts.

A brand new website for the game has gone up, filled with all sort of information, with more to be revealed in the coming months, like new class specialisations and companions, and even a timeline of the world. We’ll be sure to report them for your convenience.

As a bonus, PC Gamer did an interview with executive producer Mark Darrah about the story, fan feedback, romance, and open worlds. Some of the highlights include them talking about the reasons of having a new main character over rolling with Hawke or the Warden, or what the criteria are for recurring companions. There’s also talk on fan-feedback and how BioWare deals with all the info. They discuss about the role of the Inquisition, how its influence will determine the story’s progression, and bugs that made Dragon Age Keep a necessity.

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I'm DYING to play this game

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Now looking at this I really feel like in the next generation is here.