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Dragon Age III Announced

By Bis18marck7017-09-2012

After the success that was Dragon Age and the rather suboptimal sequel, Dragon Age II, the series will be given a third title - Dragon Age III: Inquisition. The game will be developed by BioWare – obviously – and use the Frostbite 2 technology as the basis for the engine. Naturally this means, just as with the previous games, that EA will publish the titles. Let’s just hope that BioWare are given full creative freedom.

Anyway, regardless of who has a say in the development process, the Dragon Age team together with some new talent has already been at this title for almost two years, if Aaryn Flynn, General Manager or BioWare Edmonton and BioWare Montreal can be believed. He goes on to say that he has been happy about the tons of positive and, we suspect he mainly means the second title for this one, negative feedback the studio has received on their last two Dragon Age titles and will take this into account for the upcoming title.

While any information on the story will not be given at this point, I’d say that the title gives us more than enough to feed our imagination. The Inquisition is coming. You better repent before it’s too late.

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Posts: 241

They have already been working on this longer than Dragon Age 2, which bodes well. Still sceptical but eagerly await more info.

Posts: 1548

Yeah I'm a bit skeptical about it too. Well I guess only time will tell...

Posts: 237

I REALLY wish that this turns out well! Been a huge fan fof the original Dragon Age and much as a i regret buying the second one, i still want to belive that this will be good.