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Doubling Down Fine on “Bad Golf” Rage

By Jedireaper26-02-2014

Far be it from me to even know what I'm reporting on here, but Bad Golf 2 seems to be in development, by fans of Double Fine.

Famous for their games, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, and Broken Age, Double Fine have pledged their support in a fan effort to develop and produce a game concept that the company had come up with but had been rejected in the X-Factor-like voting of Double Fine's latest Amnesia Fortnight prototype-off.

Patrick Hackett, of Double Fine, told Eurogamer that:

"Personally, I was flattered by the idea that people would want to collaborate to make a game idea of mine. I really couldn't have been more excited to hear about this idea and told them I'd support them as much as I could.

"As for it being Double Fine's property – Greg and I brought the situation up to Tim and Justin and they approved of the idea, citing that any production should remain in the creative commons. Because of that, the project's source control repository is available for free and the final product will never be sold."

An insane golf game with more akin to State of Emergency or Road Rash, than Tiger Woods; maybe both, Bad Golf 2 is promised to be the best golf game sequel to a game that never existed...EVER! And free...
Well either way, this is in the hands of the fans.


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