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Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight 2014!

By Azeebo08-02-2014

Double Fine make some kickass games. Like, really awesome games. I remember playing Psychonauts back when I was but a wee lad and loving just about every moment of it...good times...gooooood times...But I may be getting slightly off topic. They are also responsible for the super amazing Amnesia Fortnight which allows a bunch of crazy game ideas get thrown around, and we, the public in all our wisdom decide what gets turned into a full fledged game.

With the help of Humble Bundle, all you have to do to be part of this is contribute $1 and you get 5 prototypes from Amnesia 2012, the as of yet unknown prototypes from Amnesia 2014, and the ability to vote on which 3 game ideas you want to be made into prototypes. Go that extra mile and contribute $7.25 and you get to vote on what game Pendleton Ward leads, as well as the finished prototype. Finally, contributing $35 will net you all of the above and a Collector's Edition Blu-ray containing all of this year's prototypes on a DVD, as well as the full 2 Player Productions AF2014 documentary series on Blu-ray Disc.

This is an exciting time for all, I mean you have 29 titles to choose from! Heck, if you want even more, Double Fine have even graced us with a Weekly Humble Bundle which contains Psychonauts, Costume Quest, Stacking, Brutal Legend and Space Base DF-9.

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