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Double Fine, Codemasters And Others Seeking Payment From THQ

By BloodyFanGirl27-04-2013

We’ve already covered THQ’s financial free fall, bankruptcy, auctioning off of their IPs and dissolution but it turns out that the saga doesn’t stop there. Not by a long shot. Several claims filed against the now defunct publisher have recently come to light. It turns out that Double Fine, Codemasters and former executives Jason Kay and Jason Rubin are seeking financial compensation for obligations that have gone unpaid by THQ.

Double Fine wants $595,000, saying that THQ offered Stacking as well as Costume Quest for free on the PlayStation Network without Double Fine’s prior knowledge. None of the PS Plus revenue from these titles were shared with the company apparently. Codemasters also want a large sum of money to the tune of $1,002,714.25. The company is seeking this payment from THQ as reimbursement for unpaid royalties and for keeping a sizeable quantity of Dirt 3, F1 2011 and Bodycount stored in a warehouse. Finally, Rubin and Kay are both seeking $2.1 million each for failed "employment obligations"; they’ve explained this as reimbursement for unpaid vacation time, sick leave and severance pay.

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Maybe they needed something to sit on?

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Holy hell, that's some pretty bad business practices there :O

Having someone make a game for you and then give it away for free and not pay the people that made it part of the revenue earned from it through PS Plus.

What do they mean with "sizeable quantity of" ? Are they talking about actual game discs/boxes?

Posts: 3290

Seems THQ were good to us, the customers, but not so good to their staff and partners