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Dota 2 Gets Its First Promotional Items

By CameronW22-02-2014

Looks like Dota 2 is getting its first helping of cross-promotional items in the "Tools of the Master Thief" a set of armor for the Drow Ranger for owners of Thief 4 (or Thief, or Thi4f, whatever you want to call it) coming out on February 25th. Now Valve is no stranger to the idea of cross promotional items in their games but so far the deals have only been for Team Fortress 2.

Apparently the Thief set pictured above has been listed on the Dota 2 Workshop for over a month under the name Jacque Choi – the lead character artist on Thief at Edios Montreal.

I'm going to go ahead and pretend that everyone is clamoring for promotional items for pre-purchasing games and reassure that TF2 players aren't being left out in the cold. Pre-purchasers of Thief, along with the Tools of the Master Thief for Dota, will also get 5 items in Team Fortress 2.

The Fortified Compound

Cutthroat's Cloak

Dread Hiding Hood

Baronial Bouncer

Garrett Badge

They don't specifically go into details about what exactly those items are, but there is a picture of a Sniper with an assassin's hood and a new bow attached to it so it's safe to say that Thief is banking hard on the archery.

Of course if you'd like to get your hands on these items you can pre-order Thief here.

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