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DOTA 2 Christmas Event - The Greeviling

By Mokman21-12-2012

Listen up boys and girls, Frostivus is cancelled. Yep, you heard me right, Valve's anticipated Christmas event of wonder and love and presents (loot!) has been hijacked. By what, you ask? I can only shake my head and point to the site, so hideously vandalized by... The Greevils.

The Greeviling is this year's winter event, showcasing a themed map with various scampering little monsters and a brand new courier. It has a new game mode, the Greevil game, which basically allows you to replace your glorious martial hero with a crazed ugly beast called a Greevil. Scampering about the map, you attempt to destroy Greevil camps before the opposing team does, resulting in much hilarity and occasional fits of fury as the last hit of the camp is stolen. Also, as is in accordance to Valve's Great Glorious Plan to Take Over The World, Greevil eggs and essences would be available online in the store to purchase, placed there for gullible fools to waste their money on. Now excuse me, I need to buy myself another good set of essences before the next game starts.


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Probably for the event they will be, don't know all that much about the DOTA background I am afraid. Perhaps a hardcore DOTA fan could elaborate it for us, or some research on the topic once I have time.

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Are those bib-jawed things in DOTA?