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Doom 3 Makes its Return to Steam

By SavageOcto08-11-2012

It seems like Doom 3 has returned to Steam after being taken down during the release of Doom 3: BFG edition. Many people, myself included, were a bit upset when the original Doom 3 was taken down.

One reason was that mods made for Doom 3 couldn’t work on the BFG edition of the game due to the many changes id Software made for the re-release of the game. Others were upset of the inclusion of a shoulder flashlight, allowing players to use it with their gun out, believing it went against the original design of the game, even though the lack of which was heavily criticized when the original game launched. It seemed like id were just sweeping Doom 3 under the rug to push the new version until the game was put back up yesterday.

I for one am just glad the original title is back up and id Software hasn’t gone through with phasing it out. I have a lot of good memories playing Doom 3. Most of which spent complaining about switching between my gun and flashlight before installing the hello kitty flashlight mod. Killing demons on Mars never looked so cute.


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Really good news for those who used mods for it. I will get the BFG Ed however and if im really interested get the original later for mods.