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Don't Let The Apocalypse Kill Your Parkour Style!

By MrJenssen07-06-2013

Another minute, another pre-E3 trailer. This time it's Techland...again. What, another trailer for Hellraid already? No, no. Techland's other game, the open-world, free-running, zombie-apocalyptic Dying Light!

Though there's no real gameplay in sight, this CGI trailer teases some of the features Dying Light may include. We already know that parkour will be a prominent part of the game, but there are also a few other interesting things to note. In the video, we see a multitude of characters - well and alive - all running across rooftops and construction sites to get to a stash dropped by an airplane somewhere in the city. Could this mean that there will be Co-Op? After all, Co-Op was one of the most redeeming factors of 2011's Dead Island, also by Techland, which Dying Light honestly seems heavily inspired by. The very last moment of the trailer also hints at another possible aspect to the game. Though I won't spoil it for you, I will say that if it's the case, then Techland might be tapping into some rarely touched territory for the zombie game genre.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this speedy trailer accompanied by Woodkid's music. Oh, and remember it's just CGI. Let's not walk into that trap again...

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Now, I love Mirror's Edge. But I'm still extremely wary of first person parkour

Posts: 351

I cannot wait for this game, it seems cool.

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1:05 - Mr. McGrath, is that you?