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Don’t Go Insane Beta Update

By NeonAnderson11-02-2013

Can you play Don't Starve (Beta) without going insane? If so, that might not stay like that for long as the developers have released a preview trailer for the next beta update. The trailer, which can be viewed above, shows an exciting compilation of a large variety of fresh new content that will be included in the update.

A few things become clear from the trailer. The 'insanity update' will bring more characters to the game, each with unique bonus and penalty traits. It will also bring a new insanity stat but it is unclear yet how exactly this will work. More details will be coming soon on each of the previewed new beta update content. As the preview is just a small sample of what is to come, the trailer will definitely bring excitement for the current beta players. It is good to see the developers actively adding so much new content to the game. This is also hopefully a sign of the kind of quality post-launch content we can expect to see once the game has finally launched.

If you have not done so already, be sure to check out our Don't Starve preview and we will be sure to post the full details of the Insanity update as soon as they are released.

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