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By Bobfish10-10-2013

It's time people. Time to give in and take it like a good little Saint. The Dominatrix is coming. I'm sure that will make Kinzie happy, if nothing else. As for the rest of us...well, head on over to Volition's Twitch TV and you'll see what all the fuss is about. Premiering at 1PM CT today. Why they're telling us Central America time whilst listing the price as £5.99...fuck Pierce. Saints Row IV style.

Allow me to save you the ballache (they'll be aching enough soon, don't worry) of translating, that means it will be livestreaming at...right now actually, for the next three hours. So head on over and have a looksee what the Enter the Dominatrix pack has in store for you. Then make a note on your calendar for October 23rd.

It's time to grab your Dildozer (you really don't want to know) and go to work.

Oh dear.

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Posts: 228

Might make up - a little - for the main game...

Posts: 3290

Well, three hours of livestreaming suggests a modest whack of new content to me

Posts: 297

Nice, hopefully it is more meaty, but around the same quality as SR3's DLC.